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SAVAGE HOUSE interview

Stallone interviews:
SAVAGE HOUSE member SaKura Night

Geographic location?

How many people in the band and How did this all start? Bonus MOTU?

SAVAGE HOUSE: "There are two of us, SaKura NighT and RikK SloAn. We grew up together, lived together, have even been in punk bands together.
I thought of doing this project a while back when Ghost Car was in effect, but with more of a cat like feel, kind of like Thundercats. But after the compilation/Mattel let down thing, I sort of forgot about it and never got back around to it. I wanted a big break from letting everyone down with that, it was really my fault. I should have looked into things more when using their logo. I thought it was okay because it was nonprofit. I have nothing against them, I wouldn't want someone taking my shit. At the time I wasn't thinking of it that way more of, I wanted to express that it was my favorite thing from the 80's and we all sound like we are straight out of that era. I thought we were the true masters of music and not what's on the top charts. The name was fitting and being that it was my favorite toy growing up, I thought it would be straight to use it. Got lost in the memories and the moment.
Mattel wanted to take me to court for degrading their product and directly swiping their logo. Their lawyers ordered me to take down everything. It took me 3 days to notify everyone who was rocking the logo and tell them to help me out, 98% of everyone on the compilation and blogs took it down right away. Some bands told me to fuck off and that they need to have that on their page. I was shocked! I was like, man I help to get your tunes out there, now help me out and take it down so I can go on with my life. No respect.
So after all that, Mattel's lawyers told me that Mattel still wanted me in court. They were trying to resurface their new toy line and in searches, the compilation kept popping up everywhere instead of their product, they felt that it was degrading. I told the lawyers That 98% is now off the net and gone. Anything that's still out there is done by other people or people who refused to take it down. So Mattel's lawyer told them that it's not in their best interest to pursue the fight, since we had cooperated in taking everything down so quickly. So they said I had to sign a ton of papers saying I would never use anything from Mattel again. I signed everything and that was the end. The lawyer was a cool guy, I want to add.
So that drained me and left me feeling like a let down to everyone.
I took a 6 or 7 month, maybe 8 month break to do Ambient music, be one with nature and shit, lol. Made 4 different projects, Kenobii, Patterns of Creation, Design Library, and Canyon group. I also started the ABC order label to keep them all in one spot.
I was about to drop the Patterns of Creation debut album, but some of my friends kept telling me to come back and make music like GHOST CAR again. I really owe it to Actraiser, we traded graphics for 80's drum cuts, and with a lot of pushing from him, I got back in the fast lane and burning rubber once again! Thanks Act, I owe you!
So, one night I started messing around and I came up with THRASH IT. It was a lot slower like the version in the fan-made video, well it is the version in the video. After making that track it all just started shooting out of me like I wasn't in control anymore. Ideas were flying around left and right until they became solid and then the sound became solid. I invented the SAVAGE HOUSE chick and named her Skarlytte, because of the scar on her face and her red eyes.
After I had something solid to show RikK, I asked him if he would want to join me in all of this. Right away he loved it and said yes. We never worked on this style of music together, but we did really good with it.
Our first track together was BREAKOUT. Actually it was our only track on the debut album that we did together, due to him having a family matter to attend to, that is all taking care of now. We will be working a lot together on the ULTA VIOLENCE album coming soon, like a couple of months soon."

Equipment used to produce your music?
SAVAGE HOUSE: "ImpOSCar, The Oddity, tons of MOOGS, Triton, Bx8a M-audio monitors, MS_20, M- Audio Fast Track Ultra, Extreme fold-ups headphones, MAC. We use a lot more, but you get the point."

Inspiration? (what inspires you whether it be film, music, fashion or something else)
SAVAGE HOUSE: "Well I have to say all of my friends in this scene inspire me. Power Glove, Adeyhawke, Dw, Tally Isham so many more! I am driven to keep making music that soundtracks my daydream visions. Little movies play out in my head all day long. Besides my friends, I would say Conflict, Boards of Canada, Principles of geometry, most 80's bands, b-movie instrumentals, Love of Diagrams, The Misfits, and just listening to what I make inspires me too. Movies are a big part of my inspiration. The Car, The Wraith, Better Off Dead, Valley Girl, Tron, Nuke 'em High, Over the Edge, Thrashin, and a lot more. Fashion: anything 80's, I like New Wave."

Art? (discuss your favorite medium) (or artist's)
SAVAGE HOUSE: "Right now I'm into Dw's art and Patrick Nagel's stuff. I love doing graphic design and drawing comics. Never was I able to do both at the same time until now. I guess because I'm drawing everything for SAVAGE HOUSE I have too."

Favorite Video game system? (discuss)
SAVAGE HOUSE: "Hmmmmmm. I would say Atari, Nintendo, and Genesis.
Atari because i grew up with that and it was the best time. It meant a lot because if you died, you would have to start over from the beginning.
Favorite Atari games were: Pitfall, Frogger, Astroblast, Combat and Deep Six.
Nintendo was so frigging cool! I still have both Atari and Nintendo, but Nintendo was amazing in so many ways. I love that 8 bit look.
Favorite Nintendo games were: Pro Wrestling, Trojan, and Double Dragon.
Genesis was like that film company Cannon, it had that feel for some of the games, like Streets of Rage, Fist of the North Star, and Golden Axe.
I don't like video games today, but the ones I do are Smackdown, Chulip, Demon Sword, and Halo for a little while. I think games today are kind of boring. I loved Turok for Xbox, and the Suffering was great. I would say the best game I have played in the last 10 years was Manhunt. Just awesome."

Mode of Transport?
SAVAGE HOUSE: "My baby, Sakura! She's a full, beautiful, black Camaro who desperately waits for me to take her out on the streets everyday to let loose."

Food/Fuel? (what keeps you going ?)
SAVAGE HOUSE: "I love Fiji water, distilled mostly. I have a vegan life style when it comes to putting stuff in my body, it works for me."

Future plans?
SAVAGE HOUSE: "Yes! We plan on making as many albums as we can and sticking to one project at a time, even though I have tons of ideas going on in my head right now, but I will stay strong! I have a tendency to make a hundred projects at once and don't have the time to run them all. We are working on our next album right now, again called ULTRA VIOLENCE, it sounds great! The cover was done already to inspire where the music should go. We have merchandise we are working on, in the next few months you will see it. Also, planning to DJ our stuff live or even play live, we are thinking it over. Right now, focusing on getting this album out and possibly getting a Savage Art Sketch Book going too.
It's good to be back! 2010 is going to be a big year for this scene!"

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