Monday, December 28, 2009

Pretty Poison- "Catch Me I'm Falling"

Recently, I've been super inspired by late 80s freestyle tracks, which fuse synth-funk with hip-hop and latin rhythms. This '87 gem by Pretty Poison was once a chart topping billboard track when it was featured in Jon Cryer's Hiding Out and in my opinion, it still hasn't lost its flavor. Some highlights for me include the synths in the chorus, the post-chorus breakdown of sampled glass and scratches, and a siiiiick guitar solo featuring a harmonizer tuned to the 5th (think "Owner of a Lonely Heart"). Check out the awesome video which has got some standard 80s video images. You know what I mean, kids in school, bein' bad, rockin the hallways.

Pretty Poison's lead singer Jade Starling is doing her own thing now (yikes). She's living in Vegas trying to channel the Gaga in her. Hopefully she'll come around and bring us the 80s dance magic she used to deliver!

Download "Catch me I'm Falling" here:

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