Thursday, January 7, 2010


Stallone interviews :

Give us a quick run down of Red Hero ?

I live in The Bronx, NY, South Bronx at the moment to be exact.
I love art, be it music, illustration, animation or video, one way or another I'm gonna engrave my work into the planet.

Equipment used to produce your music ?

Despite criticism, Fl studio is what got me started. I always go back to it even when I pick up something new.
I have the Korg Electribe Emx-1, Korg DS-10, KP mini, kaossilator, adobe audition and audicity. Red Hero is mainly down to some
VSTs I got my hands on. No matter what you're using to produce, the Virtual Instruments will make all the difference.

What inspires Red Hero ?

Retro 80s, Movies, Anime, Video games especially. All with that dark tech feel. There's a movie called "Nightmares"
that's broken down into four parts. Emilio Estevez starred in the story called "Bishop of Battle". That has a huge influence
on my concept as well tokusatsu superheroes from Japan. The name Red Hero came from color that lead heroes often wear,
super sentai, voltron, ect ect. As far as other artist go, the discovery of producer/DJ's Kavinsky and Danger had a lot to do
with me wanting to get started. I also wouldn't have found the scene if it weren't for swapping comments with "
Let's get invisible"

Art ? what's your favourite medium ?

Oh that's tough. I think every medium hits me in one way or another. Comics, 90s video games. Japanese Science fiction.
The medium that is my drug though is music. Metal, hardcore, original emo, underground hip hop, electro, new wave are definitely
always on my play list. I really wanted to just start a hardcore band. But Where I'm from we don't have garages to start a band and rehearse.
That's why I compose and produce electronic music.

Whats your choice Video game system ?

Super Nintendo. That was the highlight of gaming, back then I guess you were a video head? If there even was a term.
Not only were things still fresh back then but it was the best of 2D gaming, ever. With 3D games and shiny graphics
we all get picky as these eye candy games get repetitive. However you take it back to SNES, we were getting bored
after two weeks or any of that "Yea I beat the game in three days". SNES was fun, and didn't make my eyes ache. I played
Marvel Ultimate Alliance a few weeks ago. It looked cool but it made my fucking eyes hurt. Captain America and the Avengers
on the other hand...

mac or pc ?

PC... even though it has a lot of problems. Mac is like a foreign language for me. Everything from the way it feels to the way it looks.
I've never enjoyed using a mac. Unless a serious film project or live music deal comes my way, I don't see myself investing in one.
Haven't touched one since college either. I like digging into everything on PCs.

Preferred form of communication ?

Instant Messaging. If it's not a girl, I'd rather not be talking on the phone. I hate it when people call me with stupid shit to talk about
or expect me to fill in the conversation. We can either talk in person or you can IM me. This gives me the opportunity to go do whatever,
then come back and answer a question or finish a convo. You can have a conversation on AIM for a whole day. It doesn't vibrate in your pocket
when you take a piss. Doesn't ring then hang up.

Red Hero's Mode of Transport ?

I live in New York. I'm all about subway trains and walking. You get a lot out of that. Even an action packed adventure or two!

Whats Red Hero's preferred fuel ? (food)

I was born in 1985. That means by 1990, Ninja Turtles had me eating pizza for the rest of my life.
As an adult, I've really developed a taste for Falafel, Sushi and Japanese beer. Kirin Ichiban is a drink I call home

Red Hero's future plans ?

I have so many plans that never really make it. Putting one of my creative talents out there so I can quit my job.
I'd rather have a bad day doing something I love for a living. That's what you call a career. For now you can just expect
a bunch of mix tapes. A four way split with MechaBEAR, Marsh Sound and The Tsunami Effect. As well as another album just as good if
not better than Invasion.

Download Red Hero - Red Villains.mp3